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I think this is a mistake
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Default  book mistake in logical reasoning

Ok, so I bought all your LSAT books. I think they are the best books I have read thus far. I especially like the cartoon character image, as the character softens up the learning and helps me retain the knowledge; However, I am disappointed in the way I have to turn the book upside down every other page to get the answers for the practice drills. Turning the book upside down makes me lose my concentration; Furthermore, the book is heavy and bulky so it is an extreme inconvience.

Please, during your next batch of printed books, do not put the answer keys for the practice drills upside down. It makes no sense to me why you did that.

Thank you.
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Thanks for your feedback and for your positive words about the books. We printed the answers upside down so that people wouldn't accidentally glance at them and ruin the drill questions for themselves. But perhaps we were trying a solve a problem that didn't really exist. We're making a list of improvements for the next editions of the books, and we will definitely consider this feedback.

Thanks again, and good luck with your studies.

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