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Ernest Saves Christmas: What we have here is a failure to accumulate. Alex Colome accumulated the most saves in 2017, with 47 for Tampa Bay, and you can give someone his autographed baseball to start their own collection.Miracle on 34th Street: "Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to," Fred Gailey said. It is the rally cry of most MLB fans today. To win a World Series, you have to earn a Jose Cruz Jr Youth Jersey postseason berth and then navigate your way through a 10-team playoff field fraught with adventure on the way to a championship. The Astros just won their first title, a year after the Cubs ended a 108-year drought. And before that, in 2015, it was the Royals winning it all for the first time in 30 years. Who will it be in 2018? Define the outcome and start with gifts from Under Armour's women's collection.A Christmas Story: Don't shoot your eye out and don't buy a leg lamp. We've got a better idea: Order the Rotating Desk Lamp. Would you look at that! And find a good knit cap so they can overdress for the winter.Browse with no brick-and-mortar lines or parking-lot stalkers, feel free to watch for more sales if you want. But remember, moments before zero hour, it does not pay to take chances.Jay Bruce is Josh Reddick Youth Jersey a free agent for the first time in his 10-year career, and he hits the market among a throng of veterans entering their age-31 season.Bruce is one year younger than Carlos Gonzalez, Lorenzo Cain and Carlos Gomez -- free-agent outfielders seeking a new contract this offseason. But of those four, none has shown more power the past two seasons than Bruce, who hit 69 homers -- fifth most of all outfielders -- during that span. It included a career-high 36 in 2017 while playing for the Mets and Indians.Like many in this era of home runs and power pitching, Bruce has put a heavy premium on analytics, an avenue that simply wasn't available when he broke into the Majors in 2008. In fact, at the time, Ken Giles Youth Jersey Bruce admittedly evaded from any form of self-evaluation -- specialized or informal."It was more just go play and see what happens" Bruce said. "When I was playing poorly, I was just hoping it would come back."A trade from the Reds to the Mets in 2016 was eye-opening for Bruce, who came into Spring Training in '17 seeking clarity for a slump so sobering the previous August (.552 OPS for the month) that the club gave him time off.Even when Bruce was putting up his best numbers in Cincinnati, his swing was long and loud, characteristics that over a six-month season can be energetically taxing. Video examinations from his early Kevin Chapman Youth Jersey career to now show significant stance adjustments. Bruce is now much more crouched and compact, which has created a more condensed strike zone and allows him to harness his lower-body strength more efficiently."I think that it's more consistent," Bruce said. "When you stay in your legs better and you utilize your legs, you kind of let your legs deliver the barrel to the zone. … I think the consistency comes from understanding what makes you successful as a player and trying to put yourself in a position to be able to do that as many times as possible."The collective effort yielded mixed outcomes in 2017. Bruce connected for 44 barrels -- classified by Statcast as the most optimal hits -- which was tied for the eighth most in the Majors among left-handed hitters, more than Cody Bellinger, Bryce Harper and Mike Moustakas, and was a personal increase by eight from '16.But Bruce's objective was to go to the opposite field less -- a completely contradictory approach from the one he had just a year prior, when he was purposely pushing the ball to left to combat shifts. Yet in 2017, he went there about the same, if not more.
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