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Guild Wars and Castle Sieges Detailed in New Post
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Default  Guild Wars and Castle Sieges Detailed in New Post

Guild Wars & Castle Sieges Detailed in New Post

Revelation Online will feature a robust PvP system anchored in part by the large scale battles that it will offer players. Guilds can take one another one in 50x50 or 30x30 fights that will cost 200,000 guild funds to buy revelation online gold . In addition, guilds can duke it out for any one of twelve locations that can be controlled by guilds, including an underwater castle, a floating castles and more.

The sieges are held every week. Sieges are held in an open world, and the number of characters is only limited by the size of the game server. Battles may include up to several thousand players! If needed, all players may participate in the battle by entering a special zone. To capture a castle you must destroy a special crystal in the center of the castle and replace it with a new one that belongs to the revelation online imperial coins attackers.

The winners will be rewarded not only by glory and fame but by an opportunity to place the banner of their guild in the city. BY http://www.playerhot.c...s/revelation-online/Golds here now... come to playerhot for more game fun!
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Default  HIGH

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Default  great

Yes, we go to modular home manufacturers schools and colleges to learn new things, but most of the lessons for life are taught by experience. The new faces we met during our lives and what we experience in our life teach us new lessons which help us to walk far in our lives. 
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Default  tes

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Default  Social Work

Millions of men and women around the world have a good dream to escape into the drama industry. It does not matter how old they're just, where they derive from, or regardless if they contain a modicum for talent. Countless people harbor the dream about being the other big idea on television screen.showbusinessed

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Default  Coupons

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