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The Most Typical Mistakes Beginning Drupal Developers Should Avoid
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Default  The Most Typical Mistakes Beginning Drupal Developers Should Avoid

A content management system (CMS) is an excellent tool that allows administrators, even those without knowledge of programming languages, to upload, edit, and maintain a website content painlessly and efficiently. CMS differ by their level of complexity, available features, security mechanisms, and other characteristics. Among available CMS, Drupal is definitely the most advanced content management platform. It is scalable, flexible, with a well-protected core, and various out-of-the-box modules designed to solve the most typical programming problems. Drupal is preferred by many big-name companies and organizations, including the White House.

No wonder then that Drupal web development is gaining popularity and more people switch over to this CMS or start learning to code for it from scratch. Although there are lots of available materials on Drupal out there, some novice programmers may overlook certain details and make mistakes. Here is a short description of the most common errors that beginners should avoid.

Newcomers to Drupal often don't know how much its creators have done in terms of handling many standard development tasks, and start coding everything from scratch. Before getting down to writing code for Drupal, take some time to find out whether what you are going to do has not already been done in one of the Drupal modules. In many cases, changing a few lines of existing code will be quite enough to achieve your goal.

Another thing that many newbies ignore is a proper configuration of the Drupal caching. It is important for several reasons. One of them is that it helps make web pages load much faster. Also, it can help in dealing with errors. So, beginners should pay greater attention to the Drupal caching by using appropriate modules.

Finally, many beginning Drupal programmers forget to perform server backups and ensure that the spam control is in place. If something goes wrong, there can be no way to restore a Drupal site to its original form without a backup. The spam control allows you to block all obnoxious advertisements.

So, whether you are a programmer working for a Drupal development company or an individual working on your own, try to avoid those mistakes in the first turn.

Source: https://web-peppers.com/services/web-development/drupal/
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