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Should I start NOW for MCATs?
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Default  Should I start NOW for MCATs?

Please respond only if you actually passed the MCATs... but, I just finished my freshman year in college and took some chem classes. I plan on taking the MCAT's in Aug 09 after I finish my bio classes, physics classes, and my orgo classes. Should I start preparing for the MCATs now? I bought some examkracker books for all the subjects and "kracked" open the Chem and Verbal ones. I figure this is better than cramming next summer, during which I will probably practice the q's nonstop... But should I have an MCAT examkracker study guide alongside my course book as I'm learning the material for the course (say physics)? Is it better to reinforce the material as I learn it with this book or should I wait until after I finish the course? Thank you!
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I would say is never too early to start studying. If I were you I'd probably take a look at the subjects you haven't taken yet, the bio's and physics books, so you get a feel of what it will be like next year. As for studying these books alongside the classes, I wouldn't do that because your classes will be more detailed than the EK books are or what the MCAT will ask, so studying your course books will be more than enough. Instead I would study the chemistry EK books during the semester. That way you are getting a taste of all the subjects instead of just concentrating on a few.
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