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From Law to Medicine - Really?
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Default  From Law to Medicine - Really?

Hi, all, I am new to these message boards, so please do bear with me. I am currently a practicing transactional attorney in Los Angeles, California. My intent is to return to my passion and attend medical school. I have a dual degree from my undergraduate UC and here is some additional information (leaving some out to keep my identity under wraps): UC Undergrad Bio Sci w/honors (diploma awarded): ~3.75 SCIENCE GPA Poli Sci w/honors (diploma awarded): Cumulative GPA (including all classes) ~3.56 Research While an undergrad I worked in a Virology lab for over a year Top 5 Law School Cum Laude / ~3.4 GPA My questions are two fold: (1) What advice, if any, have you all been privy to with regard to people attending medical school in their 30s and after having lived a life as an attorney (or otherwise as a professional)? (2) I am scheduled for the Sept. 3 MCAT. I have been out of the sciences for 7 years and my plan is to review the EK books on my own (pursuant to the instructions in the book) for two months (4 hours/day the first month, then full time (8 hours/day) the second month) and then I will be taking Princeton Review's three month course full-time (8-10hrs/day, every day). I really appreciate people taking the time to respond. -SS
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