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originally readied to mix the viewpoint of business
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Default  originally readied to mix the viewpoint of business

o a few dance-hostess companies.Chen Hao Hui mouthful Hun words, the beard eats sea to fill and also pulls to dance-hostess to make physical advances misconduct, can the canthus always keep in mind inside the field and see Dian soldier and Qian soldier military officer sit 2 for cent, toast in addition to a few rests outside the noodles almost nothing important exchanges, it is thus clear that James Patrick Authentic Jersey both parties also combine to be unsuited to clap. The hot jollification makes wine over three cruise behind Tang after the Yao just wave hand to drink to back side person, ask a way:"Accumulate it(Liu Cun Hou's word), these several days how is circumstance?" Liu Cun Hou and Tang after Yao different, he is person in Sichuan.So the revolution starts behind a wish with lead troops to aid Chuan for from return to Sichuan to develop, can he have never thought Chengdu be Jaromir Jagr Authentic Jersey incredibly and so quickly occupied by Yang Qiu, close behind again learned Hunan to deliver a whole country to switch on electricity, forbid rest troops in province to get into, finally can beat Guizhou together after the Yao with Tang of attention, originally still thought almost certain, the result is bestill aten by the national defense soldier still breathe heavily up to now however annoy, have some frustrated ways:"After the cloud and mist mountain tooth son Ling falls, the situation perhaps allows of no optimism." 2 people acquaint with for several years and listen to his tone Tang can feel far from good and cross-examine a way after the Yao:"How?Is difficult don't become them to adjust a teachers to all come over?" Liu Cun Hou shakes:"This pours to have no, probably only an appearance of trip.But this trip very and not and usually, all of big parts are the soldiers of Sichuan, not only climbed a mountain to wade across Jeff Beukeboom Authentic Jersey water fierce, the scout comes back to say still saw a lot of specialized tools.And they still equiped small cannon, one meters was much long, two people ability anti- write walk, the power isn't small!Artillery range thousand meters are or so, the angle of fire is very high, shell also not is keep around, but upwards round curved fall in the top of head, even if we occupy vantage point to also avoid not to open, after blasting open threatening force than we use of five living seven cannons much big." Liu Xian Shi early would not like to continue last-ditch here, also say:"In addition to big gun, their machine guns also compare many before a lot of, light a trip was no less than 20 stand.All Du, not let's Jesper Fast Authentic Jersey withdraw Yunnan first?The cloud and mist mountain has been already fallen, again keep on supporting afraid of the brotherses the hearts all spread and withdraw Yunnan to remit to match Cai Du, also good." "Do not go!"His words haven't finished saying, the plum in the Dian soldier military officer again the minister quickly stood, from start him despising these Qian soldier bad general, 341000 people incredibly even national defense soldier a regiments can not deal with and harm they can not get hold of Guiyang to have a foothold and listen to him incredibly want to withdraw Yunnan at the moment, Nu way:"Withdraw Yunnan and then can work out a problem?We spread in the expensive southwest, so as to make them have no way concentration troops, if send back Yang Qiu and then can have no to have scruples about to keep Kunming!So I suggest to continue to firmly stand by an expensive southwest!Matching with Cai Du to attack from both flanks is abidance by!" Tang would like to defend with a last-ditch attempt an expensive
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