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New MCAT—2015 Course Review
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Default  New MCAT—2015 Course Review

Each (instructor) has a very different teaching and presentation style, but each is uniquely suited to their subject matter. John helped me to change my “mind set”about test passages. I approach each practice test with an aggressive posture and attitude. It is making a difference in how I read and how I score. John brings his personal experience with not only the MCAT, but with USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 to the table.  He has extensive experience and practice in these types of tests. I am benefiting greatly from this added dimension from him. Totini knows her physics and her chemistry. She immediately was able to see my strengths and “pull what I know out of me”. I have come to realize that I have a lot more content knowledge than I thought I had. I probably had this same amount of knowledge last year. But, I lacked self-assessment and self efficacy of such knowledge. She knows what I do not know and she will not let me gloss over a weakness.   Sharon R. (February Course 2015)

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Default  Great Post

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Default  Education Plays An Important Role

Yeah every teacher has own way of teaching but the best teacher is one who understand the listener and his reader and friendly with their students because if you want just to giving them academic writers UK knowledge so maybe you make bored after sometime but if you giving them skills too so maybe they take interest in that.
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