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Old MCAT— Course Review
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Default  Old MCAT— Course Review

I justwanted to write to you all and say thank you very much.  Your MCAT materials are wonderful.  The first time I took the MCAT (using anothertest prep company to study with) I scored 20, verbal: 5, Physical: 6,Biological: 9. I enrolled in the Verbal Intensive Review this past fall at theUniversity of Pennsylvania (Tim was the instructor).  Additionally, I used the home study method onyour website along with your content review books and all of the 1001 questionbooks.  I took the MCAT in Jan 2012 andgot my scores back this week.  My scorewent up to a 31! (Verbal: 9, physical: 12, biological: 10).  I felt that your material helped me feel moreconfident in my test taking abilities and more confident with theinformation.  The verbal course wasgreat, and Tim was an awesome instructor. I highly recommend both to anybody taking the MCAT (in addition to beinggreat resources, the cost is great)!  Sothanks again for everything!  Nathan S.Pennsylvania (Support email)

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Default  Produk Herbal

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