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My EKLadies!


Update:  I am 8 days out on my test date of July 17th.  I took the April 17th test and Iwas not happy with my performance.  All Ihave are my percentile bands because I just refused to look at the hard scorewhen it went live.  Don’t judge!! But,when I left that test in April, I knew immediately what I needed to approachprep for my next test.


I have“dissected” your EK study manuals and have almost re-written them with my ownnotes.  I have specifically addressedthis task from the framework of the AAMC MCAT Essentials study guide.  I’ve taken each of the 14 concepts with eachcategory and sub category and used this as a guide to develop a written studyguide.  I have paid specific attention tored bold faced terms.  My hand writtennotes are in the exact order as the AAMC guide grouped by the Four Domains ofthe MCAT.


When I tookthe April test, I felt that individual passages and/or questions were in a“capsule” of data/knowledge/information. I was struggling at times to “fish out” the factoid/concept/pathway/termand access my memory bank.


This passthrough of your EK material:  My handwritten notes with the AAMC guide as the outline coupled with EK as the sourcematerial has seemed to better frame all of this information for me.  Now as I answer questions and read passages,I seem to be able to more clearly (crystal clear at times) recognize a capsuleof information and send that fish hook into my brain data bank forretrieval.  Now, it is passages,passages, passages and questions, questions, questions.


Myapplication is in progress for Texas Tech University Health Science CenterSchool of Medicine – Early Decision – Family Medicine Accelerated Tract.  I’ve been in continual contact with theirfaculty about my progress on my application and my test strategy.  I receive nothing but encouragement fromthem. 


Keep you allposted.  I know you are sending greatvibes and positive karma to all EK test takers as they sit for MCAT 2015 nextweekend.


Again, thankyou for your encouragement through my journey. Thank you for being a part of such a great company with a fabulousproduct.  Sharon R.  (Texas) (Email to RC)

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