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Default  Conservative Forces

I am in need of a little clarification regarding the audio osmosis explanation of "Work & Conservative Forces". I believe this is on CD 2. Jon says "How much work is done by Gravity (a conservative force) when a mass falls from height h? The answer is given that all the potential energy goes into kinetic energy and that the total energy change is zero and thus no work is done. Here's where the problem is...Jon says that we have to pretend that the initial energy of the mass is zero and that the final energy is just the kinetic energy. Furthermore that the work is given by the change in kinetic energy which is also the change in potential energy. I just don't understand this, could u please explain Plus how does the equation "Change in Kinetic energy=Change in potential energy" come in and where does work come in....because I thought work was zero. I hope this makes sense....thanks and help would be welcome
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