Examkrackers Home Study Schedule

This study regimen mimics the successful Examkrackers MCAT course by starting exactly ten weeks prior to the MCAT and taking a "soft week" break in the middle.

Preparation: Contact the AAMC and purchase Practice CBT's 7-11. Also, if you don't already have them, get: Examkrackers Complete Study Package and Audio Osmosis. The 1001 question/101 passages books are optional.

Start your preparation by taking Practice CBT 7. Take the entire test (including the writing section) under strictly timed conditions. This will give you a baseline idea of where you stand and allow you to chart your progress. Expect to score between 6 and 8 on each section (most students do).

After taking the test, plan on studying (from the EK materials) four lectures a week. Your study structure should budget about 2-3 hours a day, six days of the week. Attack the lessons thusly:

  1. First, pre-read the lecture. Read the lecture as you would a novel, quickly, and without worrying about the details.
  2. Next, read the lecture more thoroughly, with a pen in your hand so that you can take notes and highlight areas of weakness.
  3. Listen to the corresponding lecture in Audio Osmosis.
  4. Start with one lecture in Physics, Verbal, General Chemistry and Biology. When you run out of verbal lectures, begin Organic chemistry.
  5. Take the in-class exam corresponding to that lecture. Allow yourself no more than 30 minutes. Review the exam with the explanations, and post any questions you have on our website.
  6. Take the rest of the AAMC exams on every other Saturday until the real test. For any questions you answer incorrectly, determine if it was a dumb mistake (work harder) or if you didn't fully understand the science (go back to the appropriate lecture and re-read).
  7. As test day approaches, stay current with your studying. If you miss one day, do twice as much the next day.
  8. If you find you have extra time, purchase Examkracker's book of mini-MCATs, and work through them as advised in the schedule below.
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