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Comprehensive CBT Review for the NEW MCAT in August 2015

  • This course has been updated to reflect the new changes found on the 2015 MCAT®. 
  • This course is intense. The Comprehensive Review runs for 9 weeks.
  • It covers absolutely everything on the MCAT®. It includes four 2-hour classes each week (For example, the first 2 hour class would cover Chemistry, while the second 2 hour class would cover Physics) and 5 full length simulated MCAT® exams.
  • Although classes are 2 hours, lectures are only 50 minutes. A class lecture is followed by a 10 minute break, a 30 minute practice exam in the MCAT® format, and a complete review of that exam.
  • Compare this to our competitors: 3-hour lectures, little or no in-class testing, and little or no review.
  • The course is taught by experienced MCAT® instructors who will help you achieve a high score on the MCAT®.

(MD) University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Starting Saturday, June 13, 2015

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(MD) Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Starting Saturday, June 13, 2015

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MCAT Comprehensive LIVE ONLINE Course - Save $100 off the regular price of $2299.99 when you enroll in an online course!

For the online learner, the Examkrackers Comprehensive LIVE ONLINE Review Course provides 115 hours of LIVE ONLINE instruction over nine weeks of evening and weekend classes. Our online classes are presented in an interactive format. As a student you have the ability to ask the instructor questions during class, just as if you were attending a course in person. The LIVE ONLINE course includes our number one bestselling materials - the Complete Study Package (the six Examkrackers MCAT Manuals) and five full length EK-Tests. The Examkrackers Comprehensive LIVE ONLINE Review Course covers absolutely everything on all four sections of the MCAT® and is a complete and comprehensive review of ALL 6 of the Examkrackers MCAT® Manuals. The course format provides four evening class sessions each week (M, T, W, R), two hours each, with an additional 3 hour live online review session every Saturday and five full length exam reviews on Sundays. Although classes are 2 hours in total, each lecture is only 50 minutes in length, in order to optimize your attention span and maximize learning. Class lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays are followed on Tuesdays, and Thursdays by complete and process oriented reviews of every question on the Practice Exams from the prior evening's lectures. You will learn to think like a high scoring instructor so you can score like one. Compare this to our competitors' 3 hour lectures with little or no review. Our dynamic instructors and unique online format will keep you engaged, familiarize you with how the MCAT® tests, and show you the fastest way to get to the answer. The Examkrackers Comprehensive LIVE ONLINE Review Course was created for your success and is the best MCAT preparation available.

(MD) Online Course, Maryland, MD
Starting Saturday, June 13, 2015

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